Thoughts about Julian Assange

Why is it that when Westboro Baptist protests at a funeral, they are protected by the 1st Amendment, but when Julian Assange airs politician’s dirty laundry it isn’t?   Politicians act like the Bill of Rights is only an inconvenience that the little people have to live by while they can subvert it at will.

Why is Julian Assange being harassed by governments when the New York Times (USA), The Guardian (UK), and Der Spiegel (Germany) getting off scott-free?  Neither the newspapers nor Julian stole the diplomatic cables, they just released it to the public.

Why does our government shield whistle-blowers, unless they’re blowing a whistle at our government?  It’s very hypocritical for our government to ask China to stop harassing dissidents when our government is busy harassing one.  It damages our credibility.

Since Assange is a foreigner, the USA has no jurisdiction over him.  If he was an American, he would be shielded by the 1st Amendment.  So again, where’s the crime?

Everything that Julian has released to date, I had already heard about earlier simply by reading the news regularly.  There’s very little “secret” in his secrets.  So why the disproportionate outrage?  Far from being embarrassing, the released cables highlight the solid job our diplomatic corp does.   They really do come off as competent professionals.

Assange isn’t an angel.    But Washington’s response to the leaks has done far more damage to our country’s reputation than the leaks themselves.

I honestly can’t tell if our government has gone off the deep end, or if this is just the mother of all plants and Assange is actually working for the CIA.  Where’s Mulder and Scully when you need them?

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